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Friday, February 19, 2016

Target Box!

Hey guys! So my boyfriend's sister is amazing, and ordered me a Target box! How sweet is she. Target boxes cost $7 and come out every few months. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's seasonal. Don't quote me though, this is my first one. These boxes aren't a subscription, so you have to remember to purchase it. It's a bit different from Birchbox, Ipsy, etc.

This Target box included a Vera Wang perfume sample. Now I have a pretty bad cold, and have no idea what this smells like! I believe it's suppose to have a floral scent. 1 fl oz. of this cost $29.99.

This Eco Tools recycled sponge is $1.97. Right now, Target is offering 50% off  Eco Tools products when you spend $10 on select Burt's Bees products. These Soapbox coconut shampoo and conditioners are $5.99 each for a 16 oz.

I tried this L'Oreal Paris Air Blown Texture Mist while straightening my hair. It didn't do much. I have yet to try it with a hair dryer, which I believe is the key to it. This bottle is just $3.99!

Mayfair body creme...I use to live in a neighborhood named Mayfair! This bottle is $8.99. The Target box is already worth a decent amount more than $7, so you really are getting your money's worth! This Skinfix Lip Repair Balm is $4.99. My boyfriend's sister loves it! I have a ton pf lip balms to use, so I haven't given this one a go yet.

I was SOOO excited to get this! I'm currently testing it out, so we'll see how I like this. The Derma E Hydrating Night Creme is $25.99 for 2 0z, however, it is currently on sale for $20.09.

These cushion foundations are the latest gimmick. These sample is great because it comes with three different shades. A full size of the Lneige BB Cushion is $34! Wow!

I really like nail stickers. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to put in the effort to paint my nails or make cute designs. I find nail stickers last a long time too! These ones from Incoco are so cute. They range from $4.99-$6.99.

As you can see, this box is worth well over $7.00. There are full sized products, and the ones that are samples, are great sizes! They're more like travel sizes!

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