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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ulta Haul!

Hey guys! For Christmas this year, a friend got me a $25 Ulta gift card. I picked up a few things recently, and decided to do my first beauty blog of 2016.  I picked up some things I've tried and loved and other things I haven't tried at all.
Well, I finally got an Ulta magazine. Ulta stopped sending me magazines to my house and with my orders for about two years now. My friends still get them sent to their homes and when they place an online order. For the longest time, Ulta forgot about me. Maybe now they will start sending them to my house again. Here's hoping.
The first thing I needed were some pore strips. My pores needed some TLC. There is only one brand of pore strips I like. The Formula 10.0.6 brand is the only brand I've tried that actually works and works great! I love these so much! Plus, they're not too harsh on my skin. My skin is always so soft after using one.
Like I said, my pores really needed some TLC. I've always been a huge fan of these Montagne Jeunese masks. They're affordable, fun, and work pretty nicely. I've done two different blog posts in the past. Each one includes embarrassing pictures of me in the masks. To keep the tradition alive, I'll be reviewing these, embarrassing pictures and all, in a later blog post. Until then, here are the other posts.
Montagne Jeunesse post 1.
Montagne Jeunese post 2.
I got the Mint Choc Chip and Hot Spring Sauna. I've never tried either one of these before. I did however try one of their warming masks, which is what the Hot Spring Sauna is. I really liked it, so I am so excited to try these two out!
I'm running low on concealer, so I decided to give a new one a go. I got the NYX HD concealer. I will be reviewing this most likely on my Youtube Channel. About eight or nine months ago, I reviewed the NYX concealer in a jar. You can watch that here. Maybe I'll do a blog post on my top concealers. I've tried many. I love a good concealer.
NYX products were buy one get one half off, so I picked up a gold glitter liner. I needed a new one. My dots one, which I love, was pretty much empty/dried out.
I really really needed a new angled brush. The one I use for my brows is just done. I bought this great brush set years ago. When I say years, I mean years! It was about six years ago. You can just guess how bad of shape this brush is in. I still have about five of the brushes in that kit. One being that angled brush. It is the one that is in the worse condition. The others are actually still holding up decently, but it was time to retire this brush. I bought this Essence of Beauty angled brush. Technically, it's an eyeliner brush, but I got it for my eyebrows. I tried it out, and I adored the way my brows looked! This brush is really pretty. It's mint green with a floral design. The handle is made from cheap plastic, but it's not a deal breaker, especially since it was around two bucks!
 As for samples, Ulta totally cheated me out one! I've tried both of these and love them both. I actually own the Smashbox primer, so I will just tuck that one away until I have enough samples to do a sample giveaway.

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  2. Great haul! I love the montagne jeunesse masks, I agree that they are so fun to work with!!