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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ulta Haul..Happy BLOGSgiving!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! I am proud to say that HAUNTober was a huge success both on my Youtube channel and here on my blog! It was ton of fun and I hope you enjoyed it. Now that it's November, it's officially BLOGSgiving! I am going to try my best to blog as much as I can in the month of November. First blog of business...see what I did there? Probably not. My first blog of BLOGSgiving is an Ulta haul! Yay!

So many goodies! Lets get hauling!

I usually don't like pore strips very much. I feel like they barely ever work. I tried many brands, but never this one and I LOVE Formula 10.0.6. I tried these, and they actually work really well!

I actually reviewed this on my Youtube Channel. You can watch that here if you like. Obviously I liked it since I repurchased it. haha

Lets just all have a minute to appreciate the wonder that is the Essence brand. Essence is one of the most affordable brands I have come across, and almost all of the products I've tried from them work so well!

Pixel eyeshadow in alluring. I've been seeing this brand on the Ulta website a lot lately. It's pretty cheap. I wanted a green very similar to this one for an inspired look I wanted to film, so I picked it up. It's not the best shadow in the world, but when used wet, it's pretty nice and worth the few dollars I spent on it.

 I just wanted to try out a new eye cream. This one is about $11 I think. It's a great size! I'm not an expert on skin care, but I'm enjoying this product and recommend checking it out!

I got this Ulta lipstick in Rose. It's great for everyday use...but I already lost it! Sheds tear...I have no idea where I put it and I only used it about three times. Three words...FACE.PALM.MOMENT!

And here are the samples I received:
 Ulta really loves to send me this last one! haha Actually, I'm pretty sure I got all of them before. I usually give my samples away on my Youtube channel which is why I can't really remember which ones I've gotten before. I barely use any of the samples I get. I think I'll finally give this conditioner a shot though. Once I hit 300 subscribers, I'm having a HUGE giveaway anyway! I'm one away from 300!

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