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Monday, November 2, 2015

Don't Laugh At Me...

Hey guys! Don't laugh at me, but I really want to get the following!

Working Playstation 1 Console and controllers.
Fighting Force Game

I know I know, we have all these fancy new game systems with great graphics. My little brother has the Playstation 3 and the Wii...however, there's just something so great about the first Playstation. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing. Maybe I'm just too lazy to learn how to work all these new game systems, but I just miss the Playstation 1 so much! Plus Fighting Force was my all time favorite game! So what do you think, should I get it...I think I'm going to.

This is a little bonus paragraph I guess. It has nothing to do with this particular blog, but I just wanted to inform you guys that I am attempting to blog everyday for the month of November being as it is BLOGSgiving and all. I'm also doing VLOGSgiving on my Youtube channel! I'm counting any video where I talk a bit more and isn't super professional as a VLOGSgiving video Later today, I will be uploading a very easy blueberry sauce recipe to my channel!
I hope you guys like BLOGSgiving and VLOGSgiving!


P.S. Keep in touch!
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