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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

$1 Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial!

Hey guys! I created this look with this $1 mini eyeshadow palette from e.l.f!  The palette I got is in Drama. It has a white matte highlight, a very light shimmery gray, a darker shimmery gray, and a shimmery charcoal color.
The highlight and the light shimmery gray are very very light, but show up well if you use a base and pack it on, which I highly recommend. I used a very beautiful eyeliner as my base. 

 The Starlooks Gem eye pencils are absolutely stunning and the most pigmented eyeliner I have ever owned!
Now, these are kinda pricey at $16, and aren't completely necessary. You can you a base from e.l.f., a silver eyeliner you picked up at the drugstore, or any other affordable base you have.
If you have the money to spend on these liners, I would recommend you try one out! They come in man beautiful colors.
As you can see in the swatch below, it is so pigmented, vibrant, and very shimmery! This color would be an awesome base for any shimmery silver, gray, or blueish gray color you own! Wow, how did this tutorial turn into a Starlooks ad?

 How I created this look:
I applied a little bit of foundation all over my lid, and then primed it. Any primer you like will work fine.
I applied the liner all over my lid and blended it out. In the inner corner, I used the light gray in the right upper corner. As you can see, the eyeliner made it really pop. I then blended the darker gray (lower left) all over my lid, but leaving the inner corner alone. You want to to blend the two grays together but not cover the inner corner with the darker color. Then I used the darkest color in the crease and outter v. I finished the look with winged eyeliner, the white highlight color on my brow bone (which I think looked pretty pigmented due to the foundation and primer), and mascara!

 I hope you liked this tutorial!

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