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Saturday, September 5, 2015

What to Cook While Camping!

Hey guys! Planning my camping trip had me thinking of a blog post I could do. I was writing my grocery list and thought why not blog about food you can make while camping?!
When people think of preparing meals while camping, they often think their choices are limited. They're not at all! With a little creativity, you have endless possibilities .

What you should bring:
Things you might not necessarily think to bring.
Tin Foil
Olive oil/Cooking spray
Portable Grill
Lemon juice
Cast iron pan
Rack for the fire

Honestly, there are a ton of ways you can make eggs. I like to cook mine on a portable grill.
You can make scrambled eggs, sunny side up eggs. Here are a few creative ways you can make eggs while camping.
Have a muffin pan? Great!

You can use olive oil, or spray the pan with cooking spray.
Crack an egg in each hole. You can add veggies such as eppers, onions, etc. Cheese is also great!
Cook until the eggs are done how you like them.

This same idea can be applied with bell peppers.
Cut a bell pepper in half, crack an egg inside. You can add onion cheese, or bacon bits if you like!
There are a ton of ways to cook potatoes on the grill!
You can cook them in a cast iron pan, cook them on skewers, wrap them in tin foil, etc.
Here's how to cook them in foil!
Grease the foil. Butter would be great, but butter melts way to quick, so I usually don't bring it camping even with a cooler and ice.
I recommend olive oil.
Dice or slice unpeeled potatoes.
Add whatever spices and vegetables you like. i.e, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, paprika, basil, salt and pepper...whatever you like!
Seal the tin foil with a double fold.
Cook for 40 minutes, turning every 10 minutes.
Some other ideas you could make:
Egg sandwiches 
Potato skewers with veggies
Breakfast pizza (Easily cooked over the fire also)

Grilled cheese (Amazing on both the fire and grill!)
Veggie skewers (Amazing on both the fire and grill!)
Corn on the cob (Amazing on both the fire and grill!)
Pizza (Amazing on both the fire and grill!)
Fish (Amazing on both the fire and grill!)
Hot dogs (Amazing on both the fire and grill!)
Peanut butter and banana sandwich, with honey and cinnamon.

S'mores is the obvious one.
Banana boats are my favorite ones!

Slice the banana in the middle, add your toppings, wrap in foil, and cook for a few minutes!

You can bring fruit, chips, protein bars, etc.
I probably could have come up with a super yummy way to cook fruit on the grill/fire, but I'll save that for another time!

Helpful Tips:
If there is a store somewhere that sells ice, get it!
If you want to make pizza, you don't have to make your own dough. You can buy the pre-made dough if you want to save time, or make the dough at your house before you leave.
Spices and condiments are your best friend! No one wants bland food. You can buy little packets at your grocery store.
Bring fire safe pans, cookware, charcoal, lighter fluid, flints/lighters, skewers, etc.
NEVER leave food out. No one wants a bear or a coyote, or even a raccoon visiting their camp site!

I hope this blog was helpful! I will post next week with pictures of my camping trip! Enjoy the end of summer and holiday weekend everyone!

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