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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

I was lucky enough to receive another Influenster Voxbox! Yayyy!!!  Free beauty products to review...yes please!
Everyone should sign up for this awesome service!
Want to see my box?
A while back I wrote a post about these affordable face masks called Montagne Jeunesse...That's a mouth full! I received a new type of mask in my Violet Voxbox. I stated how much I love these masks before, so I was super excited to try a new one out. In fact, about a week prior to getting my box, I bought a vanilla mask that warms up when you use it. It was pretty cool and left my skin feeling and looking great! I've been using this brand for about six years now...I feel old now!
I got the Red Earth Clay Spa Mask!
The mask was different than any other mask I have tried. I liked that it wasn't messy and it left my skin feeling soft. It wasn't my favorite from this brand, but it was still pretty nice!
.....And because this wouldn't be a Montagne Jeunesse post without embarrassing pictures of me using the masks..........
What can I say...I have no shame!
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