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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

This is another Influenster review. If you read my Twilight Woods Body Mist review, it explains Influenster and what a Voxbox is. It's a great service, so be sure to check them out!
I received the Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions to test out for free!
The purpose of this product, is to fit comfortably in Women's shoes and to prevent your feet from sliding (toe scrunch).
I've worn these cushions with sneakers, sandals, and flip flops. They worked wonders, and kept my feet from sliding in my sandals and flip flops. The massaging gel kept my feet comfortable after a long day at work!
The cushions can last up to six months, so you really get your money's worth.
Walk on air, with Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions!

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