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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avon Nail Polishes

                                                          Avon Nailwear Pro
I love these nail polishes! They have beautiful shine, are long lasting, most colors on require one coat, and most importantly they are fast drying! I love fast drying nail polishes because I am very impatient. I always wind up messing up my nails and having to redo them. With these nail polishes I don't have that problem. 

My favorite color - Viva Pink. (I painted my dogs nails with this color. haha)

Real red is a pretty and classic color.

Decadence is a beautiful purple with a red shimmer.

A perfect color for Spring, I wore Sunshine on Easter.

All in all, Avon Nailwear Pro is a great line of nail polishes. I would give them five stars if I could!
I highly recommend everyone try  these polishes. They will not disappoint.